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A single solution to global crypto compliance.

Veriscope is a blockchain-based solution powered by the Shyft Network. We aim to solve global regulatory compliance for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), including the FATF's Travel Rule. This will accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrency throughout regulated markets and promote new products and services to enter the space.


Meet our friends and collaborators

Our strong partnerships and relationships across the world are what make Veriscope the global force for blockchain compliance it is today.


Why Veriscope?

Frictionless Customer Experience

Your customers can seamlessly detect other VASPs based on their wallet address, or search for another VASP to withdraw their funds to.

Secure PII Transmission

Veriscope doesn’t store any PII — instead, VASPs transfer that information directly. Explicit customer consent keeps your customers’ data safe.

Historic Transaction Lookback

From the moment a VASP integrates with Veriscope, they can see the past transactions conducted via counterparties through Veriscope. Transaction broadcasts are immutable, on-chain records providing an open, permanent audit trail.

Robust Due Diligence

All VASPs on the Veriscope platform are diligenced by the Shyft Network, including attestation by leading global law firm DLA Piper. You can select counterparties by due diligence status, jurisdiction, or license.

Majority of Transaction Flow

VASPs including Binance, Bitfinex, Tether, etc. responsible for over 50% of global transaction flow are evaluating or integrating Veriscope. We’ve worked with VASPs to develop Veriscope from the beginning, and offer unparalleled support and industry alignment.

Future Proof, Open Technology

Veriscope is decentralized. Open architecture allows co-development by VASPs to continually improve Veriscope and build it for future VASPs.

Pay-as-you-go Model

No set-up fees, no minimum charges, no ongoing licensing fees. Pay only per-transaction network fees with native currency. Based on the Shyft Network blockchain, Veriscope has consistently low transaction fees.


Veriscope integrates with other Travel Rule protocols (like LIST) and third party service providers to make your life easier.


Write smart contracts in a language you already love

Many key network functions are regulated by a set of purpose-built Smart Contracts. For example, certain contracts facilitate KYC/AML checks, satisfying the needs of cross-jurisdictional regulators and required compliant entities.


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We successfully launched Shyft Network Mainnet in July 2021. Today, with over 40 exchanges and VASPs in various stages of integration, we represent over 50% of global volume, surpassing 2.5M daily transactions.


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