February 25, 2022

We Need 3 Key Signers for the Shyft Network DAO

We Need 3 Key Signers for the Shyft Network DAO

Calling the Shyft Network Community: We Need 3 Key Signers for the Shyft Network DAO!

The Shyft DAO is asking for members of the Shyft Network community to apply for one of the three available key signer positions via a formal campaign on Discord.

he Shyft Network DAO was officially announced this week and moved towards eventual formation with an official vote on Snapshot, where all DAO voting will occur. In the latest DAO resource blog on how to get involved in DAO activity, details were shared on the opportunity for Shyft community members to apply to become one of the three DAO community key signers who will join the four other signers from the Shyft Core and Shyft Federation. Key signers will all help contribute to the DAO’s mission to facilitate the perpetual advancement of the Shyft protocol to enable institutional blockchain adoption in compliance with local and global regulation without users’ sacrificing their data privacy or sovereignty.

A DAO proposal is currently in the process of being sent to the DAO forum, whereby the DAO will invite the Shyft community to elect three community members to join the four other key signers. Elected community members will serve for three months, at which time there will be another election. Elected Community members will be given authority whereby five out of seven signers will be required to execute transactions associated with the Shyft DAO treasury.

So, what’s next? Now, we’re asking YOU — members of the Shyft Network community — to apply for one of the three available key signer positions via a formal campaign on Discord.

Key Dates

  • We have until Tuesday, March 1, 12:00PM UTC to nominate, and vote on our community nominees. Please use this Google Forms to submit nominations.
  • The top three nominees by number of individual votes on Discord will be entered into a Shyft DAO Improvement Proposal (SDIP).
  • On March 2, 2022, selected nominees will be sent to the Shyft DAO Forum; upon receiving five comments, the proposal will move to Snapshot for formal voting.

Campaign Details

Individual key community member campaigns will run for three days.

Regarding the expectations of DAO community key signers, it is prudent to enable participation of highly reputable members of the Shyft community with technical backgrounds, specifically in the DeFi space, to form the group of seven signers delegated with the task of signing for transactions associated with various grant fundings. The ideal signer is also someone who is able and interested in staying informed and involved in the Shyft DAO.

Key signers are required to be abreast of Shyft DAO proposals and timely in their key signings. The expectation is that this will not be a considerable time commitment.

Interested candidates will be required to share on Discord why they would best represent the community regarding the above specifications and help the DAO accomplish its goals. This is your chance to promote yourself! Consider it something like a campaign speech. The Shyft DAO wants to hear about your technical background, experience as a supporter of Shyft’s mission, and what you would like to see from the DAO. The Shyft DAO urges all community members to be proactive and suggest candidates they believe are active, engaged, and represent the community best.

Stay connected on our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter channels for more information on the DAO Key Signer voting process.

Thanks for reading and your participation in this process. Good luck to all community members who plan to run for these positions!

— The Shyft DAO

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